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industrial valves
Wegman Valves

Wegman, established 1797, is one of the Netherlands’ oldest, still existing companies. We specialize in “flow control” and cater to the needs of the oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and power industry industry.

We supply to end users, OEM's, EPC's and other traders.

Wegman valves is the distributor for Cameron valves, QTRCO pneumatic actuators, Xanik valves, UNP Polyvalve valves, ISV valves, Mascot control valves, UTEX, Lamons & Slade sealing products, Roxar, Fluenta, Jiskoot and Hydril.

Wegman valves can supply Demco, Douglas Chero, Douglas Italia, General Valve, Grove, ISV, Newco, Orbit, Tom Wheatly, Wheatly, WKM & Xanik valves, DynatorqueMaxtorque & Rotork gearboxes, Mascot control valves and Lamons, Slade & Utex sealing products.​

We can offer short delivery times for selected products from Demco, Douglas Chero, Dynatorque, General Valve, Maxtorque, Newco, Orbit, Tom Wheatly, WKM, Xanik, Rotork gears, Lamons, ISV, Slade, QTRCO​.

If you are looking for valves we can offer the following types:

Wedge gate valve, through conduit gate valve, expanding gate valve, slab gate valve in virtually any material, either forged or cast body and bonnet, bolted bonnet, welded bonnet or pressure sealed bonnet. With a standard extension, high temperature extension or low temperature or cryogenic extension. End connections are RF (raised face), RTJ, (ring type joint), BW (butt weld), SW (socket weld), THR (threaded NPT). For forged gate valves an extended body is an option with various weld connections.

Globe valves can either be in cast or forged material, straight or T type, Y type or angle design, with or without body guided plug. Most other options are the same as for the gate valve.

Check valves can be either swing, piston, ball, single plate, dual plate or nozzle design. Most types resemble a globe valve with a cover instead of a bonnet, exceptions are the single & dual plate which are 1 piece bodies which are wafer, lug or flanged types.

Ball valves can be either a side entry or top entry and have a floating or trunnion mounted design. Trunnion mounted ball valves are available with SPE (Self releaving effect), DPE (double piston effect) or IST (integrated seat technology where the seat is in the ball). Soft seated or metal seated. The standard end connections are available but also hub ends. Sub sea valves are also included in the range.

Butterfly valves rubber lined/resilient seated/eccentric, dual offset/high performance/double eccentric or triple offset/triple eccentric. With EPDM, NBR, PTFE or metal seat. Wafer, lugged, short pattern or long pattern flanged.

Expanding plug valve, either in dual expanding or four way diverter valve. Full bore or reduced bore, either manual operated or actuated. The slip (sealing) material can be either Viton Extreme, Viton GF, Viton GFLT, Nitrile, Ethylene propylene, Fluorosilicone (FKM), Aflas, VTR 6279, PTFE (Teflon) and various variations there of. Available up to 24" #600

Rising stem ball valve with their single seat design (block & bleed seat as an option) is available with a reduced or full port from #150 up to #2500 with either a flanged, butt weld, socket weld or threaded end connection in almost any body material.

Actuators can be either pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, gas over oil or direct gas. For high cycle and quick closing pneumatic actuators we offer a special design with rank & gear or flat yoke that has eliminated the flaws of the traditional designs. If you require a actuator which can be repaired in the field without removing it from the actuator and that uses only 1 standard O-ring it is available (low cost of ownership).

For the HF Alky or HF acid process we offer gate, globe, swing & plug valves which are in accordance with UOP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Phillips 66, Total and Shell specifications. Double seal welded seats, acid detection paint, lantern ring, grease injector, Monel trim, X-ray, helium test high and low pressure seat test,HF-1, HF-2, HF-5, HF-10, HF-20, HF-40 & HF-50 are all common items for these type of valves.

Lined or thermoplastic valves can be supplied in globe (control), butterfly, plug, diaphragm, ball check, swing check, sampling or strainer. Common materials are PP, Isotactic PP, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE, FEP & PFA. The metal part of the valve can be WCB, LCB/LCC, CF8, CF8M, CD3MN or Hastelloy C276/C22. Besides valves also fittings are available.

Gears and accessories: Worm gear, bevel gear, valve locking, interlock, manual override, partial stroke testing, spur & miter gears, handwheels and chainwheel adapters. For quarter turn and rising stem valves we also offer a high performance gear that closes the valve quicker and requires less rim pull or small diameter handwheel than the traditional designs.

Common standards for these valves are API 600, API 602, API 603, API 6D, API 594, API 599, API 607, API 6FA, API 608, API 609, API 623, B16.34, ISO 10434, ISO 15761, ISO 14313, ISO 10631, ISO 17292, ISO 10497, ISO 15156

Besides the above we offer stem packing, injectable packing and gaskets with unique features.

Other products we supply are chocke valves, sand monitoring, sampling, blending & flow metering for niche applications.

Have a look at the specific pages or get in touch with us.