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For many people Cameron is the umbrella name that covers the valve division of Schlumberger. However it’s also the name of the brand within the group of brands. Other names that were used in the past are Cooper Flow Controls Division, Cameron International Corporation, Cooper Cameron, Cooper Cameron Valves Division and Cooper Cameron Corporation (CCC).

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Quick (stock) delivery possible for a selection of T30 / T31 valves

Under the Cameron brand the following valves are manufactured:​

  • T30 / T31 Series, fully welded ball valve​
  • CAM30 DC, multi trim drilling choke​
  • MS30, Multistage control choke​
  • Compact Insert Retrievable Choke valves​
  • Control chokes​
  • DR20 and DR30, gate and seat drilling chokes​
  • H2, Needle and seat choke​
  • Insert retrievable choke valves, time tested designs​
  • M3D Willis type, drilling choke valves​
  • Multiorifice valves (MOVs), disc style choke valve​
  • DBA, multistage choke valve​
  • Nonretrievable choke valve​
  • PULSE, Low-Flow PULSE, Medium-Flow Pulse & High-flow PULSE, ultrasonic chemical injection metering valves​
  • Shale, choke valve​
  • Subsea Choke Actuators ​

For other valves from the Cameron group see the seprate pages on our web site.

WegmanValves Cameron T31 fully welded