Since 1974, DYNATORQUE®  has been one of America’s leading manufacturers of gear​ operators, automated valve manual overrides, accessories and handwheels serving the​
valve, actuator and damper industries.​

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​Quick (stock) delivery possible for a selection of Dynatorque gears

Worm gear operator DT​

  • to be used with quarter turn valves (ball, butterfly, plug)​
    -500 – 33900 Nm​
  • optional: chainwheel, 180 or 360 degree operation, CF8M body (instead of CI) and/or SS internals​
  • industrial, marine, submerged, high- and low temperature applications. 

Bevel gear operator BG​

  • to be used with multiturn valves (API 600 gate, API 6D gate, knife gate, sluice gate or globe valve)​
  • thrust 98000 to 667000 N, torque up to 4745 Nm​
  • optional: bronze stem nut, lug driver for existing yoke nut, motor mount for electric actuator​

Valve locking device D-lock​

  • to be used in combination with automated valves (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators) for almost any rotating valve.
  • lock in open or closed position (optional open and closed)

Manual override SD and SRD​

  • to be used in combination with automated valves (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators) ​
  • SD: spring return or double acting, 340 - 15815 Nm​
  • SRD: spring return only, 340 – 29375 Nm, optional chainwheel

Partial stoke test device D-stop (completely mechanical)​

  • up to 451939 Nm​
  • travel user specified prior to manufacturing​
  • local or remote operated​
  • optional: limit switches to indicate on- or off-test​
  • outside the actuator control loop​
  • Low initial cost​
  • Low cost of ownership​
  • no maintenance required​
  • all components, controls & other elements activated during test
  • vibration resistant​
  • SIL capable

Actuator-to-valve direct interface​

  • All Dynatorque accessories can be mounted directly between te valve and actuator (no brackets required), The driver (connection between valve & actuator) are machined to custom fit.​

    Spur and miter gears​

    • Add on to the work gear or bevel gear to:​
      • change input drive direction​
      • lower handwheel rim force​
      • lower the handwheel size​
    • Use independently as a torque multiplier on:​
      • non rising stem gate & globe valves​
      • small electric actuators