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Lamons is one of the largest gasket, bolt and hose assembly manufacturers in the world. ​

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Quick (stock) delivery possible for a selection of gaskets & fasteners​

Metalic gaskets

Metallic gaskets​

Ring Joint Gaskets (RTJ) in accordance with API 6A & B16.20​
Type : Oval (Style 377), Octagonal (Style 388), BX (Style 390, for API 6BX flanges), RX (Style 391, for API 6B flanges), SRX&SBX (API 17D), rubber coated (Style 377R), Bridgeman gasket (Style 393), Delta gasket (Style 392), Lens gasket (Style 394).​


Kammprofile RTJ​
Type : Kammpro-ORJ, Kamm-PEG (pressure energized gasket), Kammpro-adapter (RTJ to RF)

Semi metalic gaskets

Semi-metallic gaskets ​
Type : spiral wound gasket, Kammprofile gasket, Corrugated metal gasket (CMG), metal jacketed gasket, high temperature gasket (HTG) & Corrukamm®​
Filer material : PTFE, Graphite, APX2-FG, HTG, Mica, Ceramic.​
Metals : 304, 316, 321, 347, Titanium, Nickle, Monel, Inconel 600, Hastelloy.​

Non metali gaskets

Non-metallic gaskets (soft gasket)​
Material : elastomeric sheet, fiber sheet, compressed non asbestos sheet, matrix biaxially orientated PTFE sheet, matrix L120 expanded PTFE sheet, matrix L120 PTFE joint sealant, PTFE envelope gaskets, Virgin PTFE sheet, glass-filled PTFE sheet, recompressed PTFE sheet, flexible graphite sheet, Mica sheet, ceramic fiber.​
Elastomers: SBR (Styrene-Butadiene), CR-Chloroprene (Neoprene), BUNA-N rubber )Nitrile, NBR), EPDM (Ethylene Propylene), Fluorcarbon (Viton®), Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (Hypalon®), natural rubber, silicones, Vegetable fiber sheet.​
Compresses non-asbestos : L420, L430, L433, L440, L441, L443, L450, L460, L540, L640W, L740​
Matrix biaxially orientated : PTFE sheet, L100, L104, L110 Lamons LPG​
Flexible graphite sheet: LG-SS, LG-TC, LG-L, graphite tape.​


Sealing isolation gaskets (ISOTEK™)​


Isoguard™ sealing/isolation gasket for general electrical flange isolation and corrosion control.​
Gasket type : E (full flange with bolt holes) & F (raised face only)​
Retainers : G7, G10, G11 & Phenolic ​
Seal element : PTFE, Nitrile, Viton® & EPDM​
Rating : #150-1500, 2K-5K, PN20-250​
Applications : water, wastewater, (natural) gas,  oil and other carbon based up to 150° C​


Defender™ sealing  / isolation gaskets for critical/extreme applications​
Gasket type : E (full flange with bolt holes) & F (raised face only)​
Retainers : G10-G11 316 cores, G10-G11 Duplex cores, G10-G11 Inconel cores​
Seal element : PTFE spring energized, Nitrile & Viton®​
Rating : #150-2500, 2K-10K, PN20-420​
Applications : (natural) gas,  oil and other carbon based up to 200° C​


Defender FS™ sealing  / isolation gaskets for fire safe applications (withstands API 6FB)​
Gasket type : E (full flange with bolt holes) & F (raised face only)​
Retainers : G10-G11 316 cores, G10-G11 Duplex cores, G10-G11 Inconel cores​
Seal element : KMT (Kammpro/Mica/PTFE)​
Rating : #150-2500, 2K-10K, PN20-420​


Matrix CPG™ sealing  / isolation gaskets for glass lined, plastic & FRP flanges​
Gasket type : E (full flange with bolt holes) & F (raised face only)​
Retainer : PTFE​
Rating : #150 & #300​


KI high temperature sealing / isolation gaskets (370° C)​
Gasket type : F (raised face only)​
Retainers : 316 cores, Duplex cores, Inconel cores​
Seal element : Thermapure 4122​
Rating : #150-2500, 2K-10K, PN20-420​


Defender RG™ sealing  / isolation gaskets for corroded, eroded, chemical attacked and abbraised flange facings (no rework required on the flange). Application specific designed product.​
Gasket type : F (raised face only) & S (spiral wound)​
Seal element : L120 PTFE, L104 PTFE​
Rating : #150-2500, 2K-10K, PN20-420​


Sleeve and washer sets to combine with sealing / isolation gaskets. This makes a flanges isolation kit​.
Sleeve material : G10, G11, Nomex, Mylar, Mica​
Retainer washer material : G10, G11, Phenolic, Mica, HC​
Steel backup washer material : Steel ZP, 304, 316, HC​
Each kit includes non-conductive lubrication. Washer bags have a visual indicator to validate correct washer size.​



  • Specialty bolting : custom made​
  • Studs : double-ends, tap-ends, combination, single end, all thread, collars & specials​
  • Headed parts : square bolts, hex bolts, heavy head bolts, 12 point bolts, socket cap screws, set crews, riser bolts, bonnet bolts & specialty bolts.​
  • Nuts : heavy hex nut, finished hex nut, jam coupling nut, slotted nut, square nut, cap nut tee nut, wing nut, castle nut, spherical faced nut, specialty nut​
  • Washers : flat washer, hardened washer, SAE flat washer, split lock washer, spherical washer, conical spring washer (Belleville washer), ball-lock washer, nord-lock washer.​
  • Bent bolt : eye bolt, anchor bolt, u bolt, round end bolt, J bolt.​
  • Intelligent bolts : SPC4 TM load indicating fastener​
  • Thread lube : lunbricant & anti seize​
  • Headerkamm™ sealing plugs: for air cooled heat exchanger applications​

Other products:

  • hose products,
  • compression packing,
  • expansion joints, 
  • fingersaver, 
  • flangeking​