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industrial valves

Limitorque gearboxes are designed to provide outstanding performance in multi-turn or quarter-turn valve, damper and gate applications. For nuclear or commercial service, manually operated or motorized​.​

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Quick (stock) delivery possible for a selection of Limitorque gearboxes​

SR gearbox Limitorque

Limitorque (Flowserve) Gearboxes​
V series bevel and SR series spur gearboxes offer an extensive range of thrust and torque outputs for multi-turn applications such as gate and globe valves, and slide gates. The V and SR series include input adapters for motorizing with Limitorque MX, L120, or SMB electric actuators, providing simple conversion to motorized operation.​
V series of bevel gearboxes is designed for manual and motorized operation of gate and globe valves as well as slide gates​
SR Series - The Flowserve Limitorque SR series of spur gearboxes is designed for manual and motorized operation of gate and globe valves, and slide gates in tight space or high vibration applications.​

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Quarter turn ​
WG series and HBC series worm gearboxes offer an extensive range of torque outputs for quarter-turn applications such as butterfly, ball, and plug valves, and dampers. The WG and HBC series can be motorized with Limitorque MX, L120, or SMB electric actuators, accommodating a wide range of torque and stroke time requirements.​
HBC Series - The Flowserve Limitorque HBC series of worm gearboxes is designed for quarter-turn butterfly, ball, and plug valve applications as well as quarter-turn and multi-turn dampers.​
WG Series - The Flowserve Limitorque WG series of worm gearboxes is designed for quarter-turn butterfly, ball, and plug valve applications as well as quarter-turn and multi-turn dampers and offers unsurpassed quality and longevity in a wide variety of weatherproof, submersible and buried-service applications.​