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MASCOT is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of Control Valves, Shut-off Valves, Desuperheaters and Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Stations(PRDS). Since 1972 MASCOT meets customer needs with a wide range of proven and new manufacturing technologies.

Mascot EFlo – Eccentric Plug Valve

High performance rotary globe valve

Size            : 1"- 24"

Rating         : #150, #300 & #600

Material      : any castable material

The EFlo offers a high performance rotary globe valve which provides precision control over extended life span through enhanced safety. The MASCOT EFlo is a high performance, safety focused, economical, yet feature rich, Eccentric Rotary Plug control valve for applications demanding higher rangeability, precise control and higher flow capacity.

The EFlo valve offers rangeability up to 160:1 - compared to 50:1 for typical globe control valves and 20:1 for most butterfly valves.

A heavy-duty, non-crossover shaft is out of the valve’s flow path. This superior design allows higher flow capacity for a given valve size. It also eliminates shaft damage from erosive process fluids. Many competitor designs use a straight-thru shaft which presents an obstruction to the flow, limiting capacity and presenting a target for erosion.
The EFlo offers positive, anti-blowout protection by means of a separate bonnet and integral shaft collar, as a standard option, emphasizing its status as the safest Eccentric Rotary Plug valve on the market. The end-post shaft is designed so there is no possibility for it to be lost downstream. The end-post is rugged, precision machined, perfectly aligned, and positively retained so movement is smooth and precise. The oversized shaft provides improved reliability and valve life by eliminating shaft failures and reducing bearing wear.


Non-Crossover Shaft:

  • Pocket-less flow-path tolerates slurries, even up to 3% paper stock.
  • Unobstructed flow when fully open.
  • Up to 70% greater capacity than other ERP control valves.
  • Not eroded by process-born particles

Eccentric Rotary Plug:

  • Plug does not rub seat ring. Less wear, less friction, more precision.
  • Stable throttling, low dynamic torque.
  • Stable throttling in either flow direction.
  • Inherently Linear characteristic.
  • Flow direction assists movement to safety position on air-failure.
  • Robust, rigid seat and plug give increased durability.
  • Tight Shut-off, Class IV (Metal Seat), Class VI (Soft Seat), even after prolonged usage.

Separate Bonnet and Integral Shaft Collar:

  • A positive anti-blowout as a standard feature, in full compliance with ASME B16.34 Section 6.5.1, ensures that the shaft cannot blow out, even if the actuator is removed.

Trim Choices & Plug Design:

  • Hardened plug gives high performance and long service life.
  • Flow Capacity can be closely matched to the process application.
  • Full Area, 75 / 70%, 40% seats are economical to replace when optimizing flow capacity or changing service conditions.