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MASCOT is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of Control Valves, Shut-off Valves, Desuperheaters and Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Stations(PRDS). Since 1972 MASCOT meets customer needs with a wide range of proven and new manufacturing technologies.

Mascot FlushFlo – Flush Bottom Valve

A tank bottom control valve

Size            : 1"- 12"

Rating        : #150, #300 & #600

 Materials   : all castable

The MASCOT FlushFlo is used at the bottom of large tanks / digesters and driers to discharge the processed fluid to a further process.

The inlet and outlet flange is completely customizable to the customer’s tank and it is available in a varying angles of 90°, 120° & 135°.

The Plug can be Quick Opening type or with a Linear, Equal Percentage Characteristic.

The Self Aligning seat ring ensures tight shutoff without Lapping even after prolonged use.

The plug can be equipped with an RTD for temperature measurement and control.


  • End Connection: ANSI / BIS / JIS / DIN – as a standard. Can be completely customised to meet customer’s requirement.
  • Body Material All Cast-able materials Glass Lined up to 6” size.
  • Plug head with Integral Stem for extended life.
  • Plug Guiding: Heavy Duty Double Guided. Guides are located clear of the flow path to avoid clogging.
  • Seat: Metal or Replaceable Teflon Soft Seat
  • Bonnet: Standard Bolted, Extended or Cryogenic