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industrial valves

5 years after Oklahoma became a state, The Oil Well Improvements Company was established by Alf G. Heggem in 1912 to manufacture and sell oil well supplies and machinery. His groundbreaking ball valve seating principle, patented in 1935, was considered to be the first major advancement for valves in half a century. Nearly 80 years later, the same engineering technology is still used to safeguard against seat rubbing – a leading factor for why ORBIT valves today are world-renown for high integrity and long service life. Today, ORBIT valves are used in over 88% of gas processing plants using molecular sieve systems in switching service, and 85% of LNG facilities worldwide. ORBIT valves are also in service in Exploration, Gathering, Production, Transportation and Process applications.​

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Quick (stock) delivery possible for a selection of Orbit valves​

Orbit Rising stem ball valves for applications that require zero leakage and frequent operation.

Specifics to design​

  • tilt & turn operation that eliminates seal rubbing (the primary cause of valve failure) results in long term reliable performance.​
  • mechanical shutoff (independent of line pressure)​
  • uniform flow around the core (“ball”) so no uneven (local) seat wear due to high velocity flow.​
  • top entry​
  • self cleaning​
  • piggable

Materials : CS, SS, Duplex, high nickel alloys & other​
Seats : soft or metal​
Operation : manual or actuated​
Typical figure numbers: 1123H, 1223H, 1423H, 1523H​

​Actuators ​
Double acting diaphragm (84, 164, 424)​
Spring close / fail close diaphragm (84, 164, 167)​
Spring open diaphragm (85, 165)​
Double acting piston (LS-124D, LS-185D, LS-205D, LS-207D, LS-208D, LS-207D, LS-269D, LS-2611T)​
Spring close / fail close piston (LS-124D, LS-185D, LS-205D, LS-207D, LS-267D)​

Control systems that will dictate the valve action based on loss of supply pressure and/or signal and/or pipe-line pressure .

  • Spring / Fail to close (A-12101, A-12103, A12842, A-12338, A-14741)​
  • Spring / High pressure shutdown (A-12755)​
  • Spring / Low pressure shutdown (A-13526)​
  • Spring / Fail to open (A-12682, A-12455)​
  • Double acting fail close (A-12104, A-12107, A-12108, A-12276, A-12299, A-13860, A-12719, A-12345, A12111, A12115, A12117, A-14983)​
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