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Slade is a globally recognized company with all manufacturing performed at their facility in the USA. Founder Bob Crosier started Slade by drawing on his lifetime of experience in the sealing industry.

Originally, Slade was to become a yarn manufacturer, supplying the packing industry with the first braidable expanded graphite yarn. Slade patented this newly developed technology in both its design and the machinery used to produce the graphite yarns.

In the years following, Slade not only produced that braidable expanded graphite yarn but also became a braided graphite packing manufacturer as well, the first of its kind. Slade has taken the raw materials of expanded graphite and high tensile strength carbon to form the finished product of a flexible, rope-style valve and pump graphite packing capable of high temperature and high pressure without the use of lubricating type binders.

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Slade manufactures all of its own patented graphite yarns. The advantage is that each individual strand has its own unique core made of high tensile carbon fiber. The graphite yarns are protected by US & EU patents. They were developed to conduct heat like steel alloys, to transfer the heat away from the pump shaft and valve stem. 

Slade Packing turns the stuffing box into a heat sink, conducting heat away from shaft, in many applications, eliminating expensive leakage previously needed to cool the stuffing box.​

Reduces Inventory and Cost​

By eliminating die-formed rings (cut-rings work fine)​

Handles most medias, 1-14 pH, eliminating many styles of packing​

In many applications, no need to remove old packing, just add a ring​

Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than traditional packings.​

Approvals & testing: API fire test certified, API 622, TA Luft tested

Slade valve packing

Slade gaskets

Slade Lantern Rings and Spacer Bushings