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Slade Rings and Bushings

Slade Lantern Rings and Spacer Bushings

Our Way-2-Seal eliminates the need for a lantern ring, reduces the amount of packing required.​

How can the Way-2-Seal Solve Your Sealing Problems?​

  • Eliminates lantern rings and expensive machined bushings​
  • Can be used in valves to shorten stuffing box and reduce the number of packing rings​
  • Extremely simple installation​
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 315°C​
  • Lowers emissions in valve applications​
  • Fits any size shaft or stuffing box​
  • Resistant to the most abrasive mediums

Slade Pump Packings​
​Slade is capable of handling the toughest of pump applications. Whether you are dealing with high temperatures, high pressures, heavy abrasives or virtually any other application, Slade has the right packing for your application.​

Soot Blower Packing​
Slade offers the best, most reliable Soot Blower seal technology, combining carbon fiber reinforced graphite foil with composite bearing rings. Sealing soot blowers under the toughest service conditions for extended service life and equipment reliability. Tests have proven the extended life of Slade Soot Blower Packing Sets with minimal wear and less amperage – even in extreme conditions outside typical usage.​