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Tom Wheatley

Almost 60 years ago, Tom Wheatley started valve business with one premise in mind: to serve customers in flow control industry. Tom Wheatley’s famous for check valves having design innovations which played an integral role in the growth of the company. Today, Tom Wheatley offers the widest and most diverse selection of check valves.

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Piston style check valve​
Due to a unique non slam design, the piston-style TOM WHEATLEY check valve has provided years of uninterrupted service downstream from reciprocating pumps and compressors, and in other applications where conventional check valve designs would be subjected to excessive wear. ​

When pressure surges and pulsations are prevalent in a flow system, TOM WHEATLEY* check valves offer efficient system protection. A ball check mechanism and an adjacent orifice within the piston help to extend valve life by dampening piston movement and eliminating slamming or chattering in the event of sudden pressure surges or erratic flow conditions.​
The orifice size affects the degree of piston movement and is optimally selected at the factory to meet the requirements of a specified flow range.​

Size           : 2” – 12”​
Rating       : #150 - #1500​
Connection: RF & RTJ​
Material     : A216 WCB, A352 LCC, A351 CF8M​
Seat          : integral or renewable, soft or metal​

Swing check valve​

The swing-style TOM WHEATLEY check valve is used in critical service applications worldwide. The swing check design prevents backflow in a fraction of a second and there is no need for expensive actuation.​

The swing-design TOM WHEATLEY check valve is also available for subsea application. This model features a unique, free-swinging clapper. If a reverse flow or critical pigging operation is required, the clapper can be manually, ROV, or hydraulically actuated and held in a fully open position.​

Size           : 6” – 48”​
Rating        : #150 - #2500​
Connection: RF, BW & RTJ​
Material     : A216 WCC, A352 LCC, A351 CF8M​
Seat          : integral or renewable​