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Utex is comprised of over 900 talented, curious minds and passionate professionals who live and breathe your business. We work hard to understand, design, and manufacture quality products that deliver solutions to your business. What is our passion? Solving difficult problems.

We embrace opportunities to craft custom sealing solutions and products that address our clients’ toughest challenges. We thrive on difficult situations in which we get to roll up our sleeves, explore possibilities, and uncover the solution to your needs. When there are questions, we find answers. If there are opportunities, we help companies seize them, from our first patent in 1945 to the dozens we hold today.​

Utex is a custom manufacturer of highly engineered specialty sealing solutions.

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U-PAK® injectable pump and valve Sealant​

The U-PAK sealants are easily installed with any flat-bladed tool, such as a putty knife or wide-bladed screwdriver. Or, the material can be finger-packed into the box. An anti-extrusion ring of the appropriate material is placed in the stuffing box around the shaft. A second ring is put in place after the sealant is installed. When repacking becomes necessary, you do not have to remove the old packing. Just add more sealant packing material by using the U-PAK injection gun to inject new packing through a fitting installed on the pump or valve stuffing box.​

• Reduces operating costs​
• Less costly over the life of the pump or valve​
• Saves on energy consumption​
• Reduces or eliminates downtime​
• Extends equipment life​
• Never needs replacing​
• Reduces shaft and sleeve wear​

UPAK 100 SG A blend of high strength abrasion resistant fibers w/non-staining lubricants & special binders.​
UPAK 200 GE A blend of synthetic fibers and non-staining lubricants for general services.​
UPAK 300 BP A high-performance, chemically resistant product with bearing pellets. Ideal for the toughest applications.​
UPAK 400 HP A blend of high-performance fibers and chemically resistant lubricants.​
UPAK 600 BG A blend of synthetic high strength Abrasion resistant fibers​ with lubricants & special binders.​
UPAK 699 BG A blend of synthetic high-strength abrasion resistant fibers with​ lubricants & special binders.​
UPAK 700 AS A blend of high-strength abrasion resistant fibers with​ non-staining lubricants and special binders.​
UPAK 799 RP A blend of high strength abrasion resistant fibers & non-staining​ lubricants & special binders.​
UPAK 800 HR A blend of high-performance fibers, chemical resistant lubricants & special binders.​
UPAK 1000 LT A blend of high strength abrasion resistant fibers with lubricants & special binders. Flexible to -45°C.​
UPAK 2000 ES A blend of exfoliated graphite particles and high temperature sacrificial lubricants for extreme service applications.​

Selected types available from stock​

Spring-energized seals​

Utex engineers have developed the largest array of materials and spring designs in the industry, offering greater chemical compatibility, a temperature range from cryogenic to +340°C, and the ability to handle pressures from extreme vacuum up to 2.000 bar.

Our most common compounds include:

  • Filled PTFE composites​
  • UHMW-PE​
  • Nylon​
  • PPS​
  • PEEK​
  • PEK​
  • Other high-performance plastics​

Spring type:​

  • -Cantilever V-Spring​
  • Helical Wound Spring​
  • Offset Coil Spring​

These energizers are available in:​

• Elgiloy®​
• Stainless steel​
• Hastelloy® and other corrosionresistant materials.​

Other Utex solutions:​

SuperGold® pump packing can be used till 121°C and 170 bar without lubrication and 150°C and 345 bar with lubrication.​
Black Mamba ™ maintain a high axial load on the v-rings to help energize the rings to make contact with the sealing surfaces. This combination makes for a very abrasion resistant seal, tough enough to handle the most severe dynamic applications, even when passing over flow ports under high differential pressure. The Black Mamba will stand up to proppant and sand control applications and is an excellent alternative to bonded seals. This seal is compact and able to provide very high relative energization with little gland space​
Temperatures to -60°C to 215°C​
• Pressure to 1375 bar​
• Able to pass over flow ports at higher pressures than bonded seals​
• Low shifting force​
• Explosive Decompression resistant​
• Tear and abrasion resistant​
• Bi-directional​
• Compatible with most traditional wellbore fluids​
• Can be designed for short gland lengths​

• FKM (Viton®)​
• FEPM (Aflas®)​
• NBR (Nitrile)​
• XNBR (Carboxilated Nitrile)​
• HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)​
• EPDM (Ethylene Propylene)​

Fabric Armor*                Cloth Type​
• Cotton                           A​
• Cotton/Polyester           C​
• Nylon                            R​
• Aramid (Kevlar®)          K​
• Fiberglass                     P​
• Aramid/Nomex®/Glass X​