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Wegman valves offers its customers a broad range of valves, actuation and related products.​ These come either from the represented brands or other trusted partners.​

If you require a product that isn’t listed don’t hesitate to contact us as we might be able to provide a solution.​

The main products we offer are valves, actuation and sealing materials.​

Gate valves: cast gate valves, forged gate valves, solid wedge gate valves, flexible wedge gate valves, API 600 heavy wall gate valves, API 603 light wall gate valves, API 602 forged gate valves, API 6D through conduit gate valves, cryogenic gate valves, HF Alky gate valves, extended body gate valves, bellow sealed gate valves, etc.

Gear operators: bevel gear, high performance gear operator, worm gear

Globe valve: cast globe valve, forged globe valve, angle globe valve, HF Alky globe valve, bolted bonnet globe valve, pressure sealed globe valve, lined globe valve.

Rising stem ball valve

Actuators: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas over oil, direct gas

Various: partial stroke testing, interlocks, instrumentation, gaskets, packing

See the pull down menu for product types and brands not mentioned here.


Terms associated with our products: API 600, API602, API 603, API 623, API 594, API 6D, floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, soft seated, metal seated, dual expanding plug valve, rising stem ball valve, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, gear box, lined valve, packing, gasket, welded body ball valve, 3 piece ball valve, forged valve, cast valve​.

WegmanValves Cameron T31 fully welded
WegmanValves UNP polyvalve Lined ball check valve
WegmanValves Xanik HF Alky Globe
WegmanValves UNP Polyvalve lined Butterfly Valve
WegmanValves Fluenta FGM 160
WegmanValves scotch yoke actuator on ball valve