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Floating Ball Valve

Wegman valves offers various types of ball valves

Floating ball valve

A floating ball valve is a ball valve than has fixed seats with the ball “floating” between the seats.​ “Floating” because it’s held in its place by the seats and nothing else.​
The ball is pressed against the seats by the medium​.

A floating ball valve body can be made of forged or cast material.​
The body can consist of 1, 2 or 3 pieces which can be called: single body uni body, 1 piece body, end entry, 2 piece body, split body, 3 piece body.​

Typically available from ¼” till 12” where the maximum size will depend on the pressure rating. If the rating goes up, the maximum size goes down.​

The available port or bore size is reduced or full. Reduced is normally 1 pipe size smaller and full is, as you can guess, same as the pipe size. Check the standards for the actual dimensions.​

A ball valve can be “straight” (1 inlet, 1 outlet) or have a multiport (3-way, 4 way, or more) and related names are L bore and T bore.​

Body materials can be almost any, the most common are: cast iron, Ductile iron, forged or cast steel (A216 WCB / WCC, A105, LF2) and Stainless Steel (CF8M, F316). The valve body and ball can also be lined, a lower grade body material is used and the internal parts have a PTFE, FEP, PFA lining that is resistant to the usually corrosive medium. The alternative to lining is using a high alloy material.​

Seat materials typically are: Nylon, Devlon, Teflon (TFE, PTFE, CTFE, etc.), metal (hardened), PEEK, KEL-F (PCTFE).​

If you want to use a ball valve to “control” the flow it can have a V port, either made in the seat or the ball.​

The body parts are typically bolted together but smaller valves are also screwed and even seal welded is possible.

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