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Piston Check Valve

Wegman valves offers various types of check valves

WegmanValves Tom Wheatly piston check valve

Piston check valves

Piston check valves are globe valves without a stem and the plug is usually held down by a spring. ​
In many cases used under 2” but in the non slam piston style available till 12”​
The smaller valves are typically forged where the non slam style is made in cast.​

The standard piston check valve is a solid “plug”, the non slam version is a more engineered product with an integral check valve and orifice in the piston to enable the non slam function.​
Also think of the screw down non return check valve, a check valve that can block the flow in a controlled way or a globe valve with an integrated non return function when left open.

Our brands: Douglas Chero, Tom Wheatley