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Wegman Valves offers various types of lined Fittings and lined Flanges


  • Lined 45 Elbow​
  • Lined 90 Elbow​
  • Lined Equal cross​
  • Lined equal Tee​
  • Lined Reducer​
  • Lined reducer tee​
  • Lined Reducing flange
  • Thermoplastic 90 bend butt weld end​
  • Thermoplastic 90 elbow butt weld ends
  • Thermoplastic concentric reducer​
  • Thermoplastic equal tee butt weld ends​
  • Thermoplastic equal tee socket weld ends
  • Thermoplastic slip on flanges​
  • Thermoplastic socket weld coupling​
  • Thermoplastic stub ends long neck butt weld ends​
  • Thermoplastic stub ends short neck butt weld ends​
  • Thermoplastic stub ends socket weld ends

Our brand: UNP Polyvalves

WegmanValves UNP polyvalve Lined concentric reducer
WegmanValves UNP Polyvalve Lined equal Tee
WegmanValves UNP polyvalve Lined equal cross
WegmanValves UNP polyvalve Thermoplastic flange
WegmanValves UNP polyvalve Thermoplastic stub end
WegmanValves UNP Polyvalve Thermoplastic elbow 45